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Perfectly designed and set up! An absolute must have when learning a new language!!

Good for only very basic learning.

Ive been using the app for a few years. It covers some basic stuff but nothing beats immersing yourself in a culture where you speak with others. Theory end is very weak, imo. Im removing the app today.

My only issue

I love, love, love this app. Ive been using it for years! My only issue with it is that golden skills dont stay golden long enough. I finally finished every lesson in Spanish a couple days ago, and am now realizing that its going to be nearly impossible to get all the lessons golden if practicing only restores 1-2 bars and they only stay gold a day or 2. Its like I have to redo every Spanish lesson again now but within a couple days rather than over several months. Sé cómo hablar en Español, tu app es un maestro bueno. Pero mi corona solo dice "5% fluent". Quiero mostrar en LinkedIn que puedo hablar español mejor de 5%, porque creo que pueda. Pero lo como es, lo me tomará meses y meses de revista.

The Hearts system must be removed

I was so excited to get Duolingo again on my new phone but the Hearts system has totally destroyed what made it so effective in the first place. Instead of being able to drill words and phrases I am having difficulty with, which is what helped me better remember them, Im punished by low health and unable to continue for hours at a time (FOUR HOURS just to earn a single amount of health which if its a section Im already having trouble with basically means Ill end up being unable to get even halfway through a lesson). Of course you can renew one bar of health...if you sit through a commercial or spend an absurd amount of gems. This is so disgustingly exploitative and so utterly subverts the initial attraction and purpose of the app that I am deleting it and wont be returning until the Hearts system is removed.

Great App

This is a great way to keep words active in your vocabulary! Practice for long periods or while waiting for an appointment. Thanks Duo!

"Health" needs to go.

"Health" needs to go, or at least make it easier to regain health. This app is currently broken, on purpose, for an obvious money grab.

Bad tracking

Duolingo Japanese is still in beta apparently. Was on a 43 day chain, then backed up to do some practice. The app wants $6.95 to restore the chain. I think not. Something wrong there.


im currently learning french, just to refresh myself before school starts again. when im practicing or testing out, i usually get one where two options are correct and one is incorrect. no matter what i choose its s wrong, so i cant pass a certain point

I want to use it but cant...

I am or was planning from using it to learn some Hebrew. But this is not for beginners. Hebrew letters if you dont know them look like random lines. How can you translate a word or phrase when you dont know what the letters are or are supposed to sound like? Cant yall figure out a way to teach letters and sounds and all of that. Idk.

Used to be good

I used to love this app but now hate the constant ads, "health" that limits the number of mistakes you can make and constantly needing to refresh "weak words" (Duolingo seems to think words are forgotten way faster than they actually are...) etc. also the paid app is too expensive so I will just be switching to Memrise

To Your Health

Ive been off and in with this app. When I got on it recently I noticed there is now a "health" thing in the upper right corner. Ive discovered that if I get enough wrong I cant progress unless I have enough jewels or I pay. That is really discouraging! I liked when I could learn without being concerned of having to wait for a period of time before I could move forward. I feel like this app is only about the money now, and thats discouraging also. And I dont like that I have to review daily. Give me a chance to progress before I need to review. Ill admit that if I find a better language app I will definitely take it.

loved it

great tool, lots of practice & repetition & reminders to practice every day! Hate it. They changed it in an obvious attempt to monetize it. Why not just do that???? Instead it keeps stopping you from moving forward at the end of a lesson and takes away accumulated points, and that is after forcing you to look at and click on ads. Afraid to actually buy anything because that too may just disappear. In other words, this app was great, but is now.a mess. Amazing how they took a really great tool and made it into a frustrating useless one. Not sure if they warn you - but this app is not free - at least not if you try to use it. Such a shame and I would have just paid them the $10 or $20, but I dont like getting jerked around - which is what they are doing.

Please add Korean!

I loved this app so much when I was learning French, but could you PLEASE do a course for learning Korean? Ive been looking for a good app to learn Korean on for YEARS but nothing is as good as Duolingo for learning languages. Thanks for all the work your team puts into this app!

Great refresher

Been using it to brush up on the Japanese Ive learned. I love how it helps during your mistakes so that the lessons/words really sink in for remembrance. Its a really fun app that actually makes me want to keep playing/learning.

Love it!

Im learning German and Japanese, but it would be interesting and fun if the game credits could be used for something else such as buying fish for an in game aquarium. I know it sounds ridiculous and it might be a distraction to the learning so now idk why Im still sending in the review ? Anyways, Danke, Duo!


This app is easy to navigate and understand and also makes it easy to learn!

The best among some good apps

Ive tried a few other apps but duolingo is easy to maneuver and pretty fun to get around. I like the stepwise learning process, and the competition to push me to complete it every day. I wish they were more opportunities to speak, so I can practice that. Otherwise, really liking it!

Mostly good

For the most part, this is a good app for reviewing what you already know. I do have a conplaint, however. Some of the questions are way too picky about the answers. One example is there was a question where I translated a sentence as, "I show a photograph to my older sister." The question wad marked wrong and it showed me the correct answer was, "I show a photo to my older sister." That is way too picky. Photo isnt even a real word. Its just a shortened version of photograph. Whatever dictionary is programmed into this app needs to be updated.

Great Learning Tool

Theres always room for improvement (context and understanding why you got an answer wrong), but for being free and offering standard, friendly learning, its a great learning tool. I also was truly pleasantly surprised to find the new texting feature. Theyre wonderful for starting conversations when you want to expand but arent 100% comfortable talking to someone else in that language yet. Overall, This is one of the best free third party apps available yet. Totally recommended. ???

Too Repetitive

Could be a great language learning tool, but so repetitive. In order to get and keep the badges gold you have to repeat and repeat lessons in which you are already fluent. For example, the number of times you have to translate phrases like "la pausa" is ridiculous. The thought behind the app is good, but the execution is lousy. Additionally with each of the last three updates over the last 6 weeks I have fluctuated from 37% to 84% (yesterday) and back to 39% fluency today.

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